Coconut Grove Hike

Start of Hike at Coconut Grove

This is the start of my adventure blog. Puna is a district on the big island of Hawaii . Puna is an agricultural area and is known for it’s “hippie” population. I live on county jurisdiction about four miles from Pahoa village and about four miles from the beach. The “beach” here on the rugged coast of East Hawaii is usually lava rock so we are all getting our “hale” feet tested. I am posting some pictures from a coastal hike we did the other day out of McKenzie park. A state park on Eastern Hawaii consists of a $25 sign and an outhouse, no need to mess with the beauty of the terrain. This is a coastal hike with the intent of coconut gathering due to getting addicted to coconuts the first week of our residence here. About a quarter mile South we hit a massive coconut grove and collected all the coconuts we could carry.

Amidst the Coconut Grove

We drink the coconut water and eat the meat, when our juicer arrives with our belongings we plan on making coconut cream from the coconut meat. Mahalo for reading and Big love from Puna. Aloha!

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2 Responses to Coconut Grove Hike

  1. Dad and Mom says:

    Hi Tony,
    We are enjoying your blogs which are descriptions of what you see and do. Feels like we are there. I am glad that your whole family is enjoying the excitement of a new place and lots of adventures. Love to all of you.
    Dad and Mom

    • Tony Johnson says:

      Thank you Mom and Dad. We are having a great life, we look forward to seeing you out here soon. Big love from the Big Island.

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