McKenzie Park coastal hike

Waves crashing over cliffs

Braun, my two year old son, is my best hiking buddy. He never complains and always adds positive feedback on the wonders mother nature gives to us. This morning in between rain storms, Braun and I hit the trail on a coastal hike North of Mckenzie park. We parked on an unpaved side road off of Kalapana-Kapoho road about 100 yards from the water. We hiked about 45 minutes due South and entered the North side of McKenzie Park. The North side of the park is 30 foot cliffs and pine trees unlike the South side which quickly turns into coconut groves. Along the way we encountered two fisherman, fishing from these rugged cliffs is a favorite hobby for many locals. The farther North from the park the lower the cliffs were, getting only 10 to 15 feet from the sea level which produced many huge wave crashes which spilled over the cliffs onto the surface. There were several tide pool areas and large numbers of black crabs which scattered at the site of us. It rained on us twice and Braun never wavered, he was full speed ahead. This coastal hike was a beauty, next time I will catch up with the fishermen and add some fish stories. Aloha.

Looking down the rugged coast

Braun gets a piggyback

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