Pineapple patch

We have been here in Pahoa for two weeks and have yet to be without fresh organic pineapple. We have a pineapple patch directly behind our house that was overgrown with jungle vines when we moved in. A couple hours of  machete work followed by hand weed pulling has pulled our patch back into respectability. There are probably 60 plants with about 40 pineapples maturing, we pick one every couple of days. When we harvest the pineapple “meat”, I twist the top off and plant the crown somewhere in the garden. Simply hand pack the dirt around the base of the crown and that is it, this ensures that pineapples will continue to be produced. Pineapple plants take about two years to produce one pineapple, once harvested the plant produces two pineapples in the same timeline, the pineapples become smaller and smaller as this process continues. This is a good start on the path to sustainability, I like pineapple!

Pineapple Patch

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