Kapoho Reef

Looking North across Kapoho Reef

Kapoho Reef  is also refered to as Kapoho tidal pools, Kapoho beach, or just let’s go the the beach! Kapoho Reef is about a half mile or more of  protected tidal pools that are ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Many tidal pools are being colonized by coral and these waters are home to beautiful tropical fish. It is like swimming in your own private fish tank. We also like to hang out on the lava rocks and catch some rays and just be in the midst of the rythm of the ocean. Blaze is doing a lot of swimming and is  getting to know the terrain, sometimes the hard way, as one local surfer told us, “if you come out of the water with a one inch or less gash on your body it is a good day”.  As a little added adventure today, after my swim I saddled up my best hiking buddy and hiked from the ponds to the end of the preserve that has a trail leading to coastal fishing access.  Braun and I were all alone on the coast, we scouted around and picked up three coconuts and hiked them back to the truck. Coconut meat with Lehua honey for dessert tonight! Shootz!

Braun getting his toes wet

Coral and Lava working toward sand on the 1000 year plan

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2 Responses to Kapoho Reef

  1. Roche says:

    Thanks Tony!
    Those Pictures are incredible! Sounds like Braun is in his element! Blaze will survive!
    Cant wait to see it for myself!!!!
    Love and miss you all

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