Hot Ponds

Hot Pond - Looking Toward the Ocean

When we don’t have enough juice to swim the Reef we hit the Hot Ponds for some relaxing salt water swimming. Everything has several names so I will indulge the official names: Ahanalui hot pond or Pu’ala’a County Park. This is a large spring fed pond heated by geothermal heat, this fresh water mixes with salt water to make a beautifull clear  still swimming hole at about 85 to 90 degrees. I like to swim a few laps and hang out where the fresh waves are entering the pond. Sometimes we snorkel, this is a good place to check out new snorkel gear. The pond is 3 to 5 feet deep and there is a lifeguard on duty during the daytime hours. Last evening we got to the pond at 6pm and stayed until close to 7pm which is closing time, Braun was in the water the whole time.

Braun Sizing up the Pond

I also have hiked the coast both directions for some added beauty. Going North is a rocky adventure that opens to a trail close to the water and takes you past a surf spot called secrets (not so secret now). The Southbound hike has a coconut grove and nice low cliffs that the waves crash over and create tide pools, I need to explore farther this direction, I will keep you posted.

The hot pond is a good swimming hole on a coast that does not have too many spots to get in the water. Aloha.

Hot Pond - View From Parking Lot Looking Toward Pond

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One Response to Hot Ponds

  1. Dad and Mom says:

    Hi Tony,
    Looks like you are having a hard time finding something fun to do! We are enjoying your blogs, keep ’em coming. Dad had surgury to replace hin Spincter valve at Sharp
    Memorial today. Dr McInyer did the surgury and dad did great. I came home tonight and will go back in the morning. He will probably come home tomorrow or Wednesday. What is Blaze doing? Tell him hello and give him a kiss from us. Our Skype is down because I think we were too close to some lightning when a storm came over us and our computor has been down ever since. When dad gets on his feet we will take care of it. My laptop still works on some stuff. Love, Mom

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