Lava is Flowing!

The Edge of the Lava Flow

The lava is flowing and the earth is growing. Went to take a look at the recent lava flow, it has been very active. A house was claimed by the lava four days ago, lava has started to enter the ocean in several locations making new land and the road to the lava viewing area was put under a couple feet of lava last week. The viewing area was moved back to a safe location and after dark the lava was evident for a half mile or more around all sides. The lava is pooling under a top crusty layer and the orange-red glow is evident throughout a large area. We saw several small brush fires being started by the active lava flow as we stood and watched. The flow not only is pushing into the ocean but is also pushing into jungle on land 2000 years untouched by lava. This flow is traveling several miles underground in “tubes” before pooling and spilling out onto the surface area. The temperature of the lava at the surface area is about 1900 degrees. The hardPollsened lava rock we were standing on in the viewing area is about 200 meters above lava I was informed by the local guide on site. As a contrast, where I live about 15 miles from the active flow, the depth to lava is approximately 2.5 kilometers. The kids really enjoyed the view and would shout with excitement at the small brush fires breaking out. All in all a safe and sane family show that has me thirsting for some more adventurous hiking to get closer to the flow, I will keep you posted. Reporting alive from one acre on a volcano, pow!

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