The Lava Hike


Pele’s Touch

The leading edge

Lava replaces the Sand

Last day for this Beach

Looking toward the flow

Coastal Hike To Pele

Lava flowing into the Ocean

He is not that interested

The public lava viewing was not going to satisfy my adventure gene. I woke up with the roosters Thursday morning and drove to the “end of the road”, starting my hike in the dark. Seven minutes to the black sand beach, turning South across the early 1990’s lava flow that consumed Kaimu, the magical black sand beach. It took about 30 minutes across barren coastal lava, climbed up a small ledge and continued about 15 minutes to “Foxes Landing”. The lava was pouring into the ocean just the other side of a beautiful black sand beach. I took some pictures, made my way down to the beach and snapped a few more. I then hiked up through a thick coconut grove and found the edge of the lava which was starting several small fires. I hiked around along the edge of the lava and came across a huge ancient mango tree, the lava was eating at it’s roots. I gathered several mangos from the ground, ate a couple, then hiked back through the coconut grove, of course I poached a few nice coconut specimens on my way out, I always do some shopping while I hike. I hiked out, looking back and taking pictures as I went. An amazing get together with hot magma from our Mother Earth.

I made my return Friday morning with my best hiking buddy, Braun. Braun is definitely gaining weight because my shoulders are feeling this hike. When I got up to the point I could see the beach was gone. We did the same routine as the day before and took some pictures. The coconut grove is largely intact, the mango tree is engulfed by lava but still standing, it will decay and leave a tree ring in the dried lava. The lava is still moving in this area so I will keep an eye on it and do some follow up. Mother Earth is killing part of herself to be more, an amazing spectacle. Peace.

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4 Responses to The Lava Hike

  1. Marilyn says:

    Tony, I don’t know whether you are a better writer or photographer, but you do both with such skill! I was holding my breath reading this. I’m glad you didn’t heed my warning not to get too close! Marilyn

  2. Dad and Mom says:

    Great Pics. Felt like I was there. Glad you are at least 15 miles away. Still too close for me.
    Love, Mom

    • Tony Johnson says:

      I updated the pictures so check it out. The lava flow is amazing, we hardly have any sand beaches and Mother Nature is reclaiming some good ones. My internet access is more stable so more blogs on the way! Love you.

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