Puna the Blast from the Past

The Ride to the Beach

The infamous clothes line

Puna is a throwback to my younger years spent in North Orange County California when that area was rural. Rural communities are simple and down to earth, something the OC has lost. Clothes lines are a common site, I put one up in our open air garage and have become accustomed to using it. No trash service, so going to the “transfer station” is a weekly adventure. ( I do not know where the trash is transferred to, I will investigate that). The freedom of helmet-less  motorcycle riding is enjoyed by almost all riders and there are a lot of scooters. Riding in the back of pickup trucks is a popular mode of transportation, this happens to be my sons favorite way to head to the beach. Roosters and chainsaws are two sounds that you can count on experiencing in Puna. I have settled into the rise with the rooster routine, and all those times helping my Dad cutting firewood when I was a kid is sure paying off now, I am a part time lumberjack, Thanks Dad!

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