Eight is Great

Jungle Warriors

My 8 year old son Blaze is handling his move from “city boy” to “country boy” with  an open heart. He has stayed positive and accepted a complete lifestyle change with arms wide open. Quickly he made two friends in the neighborhood and he has been off to the races ever since. The boys ride their bikes throughout the tract of one acre jungle properties, trails abound and the boys are the kings of the jungle. Blaze has made friends with several adult neighbors and makes daily visits, he even goes swimming with our neighbor at the community center pool. Blaze has a friend, “Nate”, who lives on the other side of the island and they already had one great beach weekend together. He still plays his guitar, and also goes swimming with us at all the local salt water swimming holes.

Blaze has been doing many rural activities, he is really handy with a machete, works the machete in the brush as well as opens coconuts. He has spent time behind a weed- wacker, likes to shoot his bb gun, and even milked a goat. Six weeks into his new world and he acts like his bare feet have always been on the lava.

The Racers

Boyz in Da Hood

Ride to the Swimming Hole

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