Puulena Crater

There are many things on this big island of Hawaii that are hard to locate or see because they are on private property, the Puulena Crater is one of them. This Crater has some Gravitas because it is more than 300 feet deep. Private properties back up to the top of the Crater, and property owners maintain a trail around most of the Crater. One house is no more than a football field from the edge of the Crater. I had been hearing about the Crater and finally got details on the trail. This is a simple hike and only one mile from my house, the hardest part is getting past the noisy dogs on one of the properties. I got to the Crater just after sunrise, the sun rising over the top of the Crater and an ocean view was a great start to the day. Steam from an ancient vent slowly builds in the bottom of the Crater and floats like a feather toward the top of the Crater. There are numerous ancient Mango trees near the lip of the Crater, these trees are protected throughout the island by county ordinance, it’s amazing where a Mango grove will turn up. The whole Crater is overgrown with jungle, there is no sign of a downward trail, although I have heard of people rappelling into the Crater. This is an amazing site to the naked eye but the pictures do not do it justice.

Token "bare" Spot

Next to Mango Tree

The deep one

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