Dragon’s eye learning center

The Front of the Dragons Eye

My eight year old son started school today, he is excited. There are many various charter school opportunities in our area, we visited several. Blaze chose the Dragon’s eye learning center, a very local and eclectic ‘school’ based on the Sudbury model, this is not a charter school nor is it associated with any government education system. This center is the brainchild of a local family, they host the school on their 40 acre ranch property in a large open sided structure, they have been doing this for several years. There are 13 students of various ages, all the children learn in the same environment and have an equal say in the direction of what they would like to work on. Music and art are a big part of this center, as well as all things farming. Reading, writing, math, astrology, history, nothing is off limits, one of the parents has offered to teach bee keeping. All the learning will be self-directed, imagination is encouraged. A ‘teacher’ from a Sudbury school back east was visiting at the first meeting of the year and he said something worth repeating, “there are no teachers, there are only people that help learners learn,” a person has to want to learn, making them memorize what you think is important is not teaching it is conditioning.

First Day!

There is a playground outdoor with a large cargo net draped over part of a tree for climbing. There is an outdoor open air bathroom with a composting toilet. Another small outbuilding is named the “Alchemy Center,” this is used for planting plants and other dirt and microbe projects. They have a pony which gladly carts the children around and I’m sure will fit into the curriculum. Inside, the most prominent area is the music area with several homemade xylophones of various sizes.

The Dragons Eye is about 20 minutes from our house off Papaya Farms road, this is a well known organic farming area, we get most of our fruit from this area. Papaya Farms Road is a beautiful dirt road lined with lush jungle and accentuated with large ancient Mango trees, coconut trees and rustic farm road driveways, it is one of our favorite places in the whole area, we think Blaze made a good choice.

The Music Room

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9 Responses to Dragon’s eye learning center

  1. This is wonderful. Reminds me of the A.S. Neill’s Summerhill School. I heard he wrote a book as well, I have yet to read it though. I’m very encouraged whenever I come across such activities, to see people and groups moving in a direction of educational freedom. Fantastic.

  2. Roche says:

    hey johnsons!!! I miss you all Ive been keeping up with you all Punastyle!! I love it.
    Blazes school sounds great and looks like alot of fun! Go Blaze! I hope tony is feeling better.
    Love and miss you all
    Aunt RoRo

    • Tony Johnson says:

      Hi Ro,
      Blaze is having a blast, hope all is well with you. My leg is healing up, I went for a little hike on the coast this morning. Much love.

  3. Dad and Mom says:

    It sounds just the school for Blaze. Hope he likes it mucho. Very innovative and the kids learn more if they get to do what they are interested in. Let us know as he goes along how he likes it. Going to celebrate Roxanne’s 49th birthday on the 19th. Wish you were here. Miss you all! How did you kids get so old when Dad and I are hardly aging? Love, Mom

    • Tony Johnson says:

      Hi Mom,
      Blaze found a buddy at school and he rides his bike to his house with him after school, about a mile on dirt roads through the jungle, he’s having a blast. Miss the family parties, air fare is cheap right now, come on over and we’ll have a party! Love you.

  4. Darin and Kristine says:

    Thanks for sharing Tony. This sounds like a great opportunity for Blaze to learn the more important things in life. I wouldn’t mind spending a little time there myself.
    Couldnt be any more jealous.

    • Tony Johnson says:

      After the first meeting they asked me if Blaze would like to attend the school and I said, ‘I want to go here”. That’s funny that your mind is at the same place as mine brother.



    • Tony Johnson says:

      Hi Jeff and Karen,
      We have friends on Papaya Farm Road and we mingle with the open minded people. Blaze is having so much fun I have yo do another blog on his exploits. Thanks for looking in and thanks for the shout. Love and blessings to the Johnson family.

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