Coastal Creations

Picture From Above

Ocean Spray

Coastal Shrub

Crab Sheddings On a Lava Rock

Tranquil Hot Pond

Took a small hike on the coast this morning while the family went swimming at the hot ponds. The tide was on it’s way up and the ocean was crashing against the cliffs in spectacular fashion, filling up the permanent tide pools and creating rivers of salt water that run across the lava shore to the high tide ponds. The sun danced in and out of the fast moving clouds, shining light on the black lava and bright green jungle. Everything seemed to stand out, ice plant growing out of the lava, the low waxy leaf coastal shrub, the majestic coconut palms, and the lava itself occupying so many different shapes and forms. On the trail to the coast I walked past some healthy Yellow Guava and Noni trees. This was a pretty typical coastal hike, but they are always different in there own special way.


Tidal Ponds

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One Response to Coastal Creations

  1. your fatherinlaw says:

    Your island is so beautiful in so many ways and your blogs are also beautiful.

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