The Staph!

Living Clay

Sick Bay


Getting a Staph infection is somewhat inevitable living in a rainforest and being active. This is a perfect environment for bacteria to flourish, it never gets cold enough for bacteria to die off. Almost every cut I have had has gotten a small infection, but they lasted only a couple days and cleared up. My son had some infections for one or two days, we treated them holistically and they went away.

I worked hard in the forest one day and when I was done I could feel that I had a low immune system, I was weak. Then I felt the soreness above my ankle that was only a scratch a day before, it was very red and irritated and had opened into a meaningful wound and it was infected. I applied some “mud” and went to bed. The next day the wound opened up and darkness was spreading under my skin, pain ensued and by mid morning I had to get off my feet. The next few days were more of the same, I now had a hole in my leg oozing puss, coupled with dark red and purple skin around my lower leg and a swollen ankle. The infection was now a flesh eating variety called cellulitis, which is below the skin in the flesh and limp nodes. Day three and four were a bit dicey, standing up produced great pain and the ugliness of the wound was unsettling. This was no time to panic, time to be Zen. I was not going to get meds, they stop the symptom not the problem. I needed to strengthen my immune system, strengthen my body, only your body can make your body healthy.

Topically, I tried several essential oils and two different types of ‘mud’. It could very well be a coincidence but oregano oil seemed to have an effect at first, but as time went on and I realized the infection wasn’t spreading beyond a 3″ by 4″ oval area I stopped using oils, they were tough on the skin, which was tender and hairless at this point. Terramin ‘living clay’ was my topical remedy all the way through, when swelling occurred the mud would bring the poisons out. The mud comes as a dry powder and you simply mix with water, I kept a glass jar with clay pre-mixed so I could self administer at will.

Internally, I refined my diet to include lot’s of fresh garlic, fresh vegetable juice with beets, vinegar tonics, and cut out all fruit and carbs. My main source of nutrition became fresh raw milkshakes, four farm fresh eggs, two heaping tablespoons of unheated honey and six to eight ounces of raw milk. I tested different foods and realized my liver needed a break, eating raw cream or raw steak created visible effects in the infection, my liver could not keep up with filtering the toxicity from my blood. At one point I fasted for a day or more and this caused the infection to flare up, this baby was talking to me and I was listening. Looking back, I probably brought this detox on with my very high fruit intake since moving to Hawaii.

The end is near, I am writing this after six weeks of dealing with this staph infection. The wound is closed with no swelling and the skin is healing nicely for the last week, I apply coconut oil topically to give the skin nutrients. So for five weeks I danced with staph, it was teaching me all the while, I’m bursting with energy now, I feel like I just woke up from a coma. The milkshakes turned the tide and made my body strong while giving my liver a rest so it could focus on blood filtering, at the peak I was eating 20 eggs per day. The dance with staph is a memory not soon forgotten, the lessons will last and  I hope my experience can be a benefit to others. Aloha!

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3 Responses to The Staph!

  1. pandita says:

    amazing… 🙂 … keepum coming

  2. your fatherinlaw says:

    I eat 3 raw eggs per day, but 20 in one day sounds very heavy. I applaude you for doing it without meds. I do not think I could do it without old fashoned meds.

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