Space Farmers Market

Back of Space

We do a large amount of our shopping at farmers markets, the favorite for Saturday mornings is the market held in the community of Sea View at the community center ‘Space’. The space is called “Space”, it is a typical Puna style open side structure with natural Ohia columns. This market is very local and organic, leaning toward a hippie environment.

Our favorite part of this market is the fresh cooked breakfast booths. The pancake man soaks his pancake batter overnight to give it a pre digestive probiotic similar to a sourdough culture, very unique pancakes. Two omelet booths serving farm fresh eggs and organic veggies, sides of polenta and other great surprises. One of the omelet booths is served by my neighbor, he also sells honey and bananas when he has them. Our friend “Leha” makes a great green papaya salad and warm coconut milk turmeric tea. There are fresh veggie and fruit smoothies, and a few baked goods that the kids love.

Besides the many fruit and vegetables booths, there are many artists that show the islands best talent, glass art, jewelry, wood sculptures, and the leather smith has a very original stable of masks. Oh yea, we can’t forget about the coconut man, there is always fresh coconuts offered to drink and eat.

Inside Space

Omelets Bananas and Honey

Playground action

After getting some great food the kids roll on to the playground and the adults meet new friends and mingle with all the great people hanging out. This is how we roll on Saturday morn. Aloha.

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