South Hot Ponds Hike


I took this hike to new dimensions, I went solo with a small backpack. I hiked until I could see surfers in the water at ‘Shacks’, which is next to Pohoiki. As with most of my coastal hikes I had this piece of the coast to myself. This is a beautiful tide pool area at high tide, waves crashing over the lava shoreline, rivers of salt water running across the lava shelf eagerly filling up numerous tide pools. The tide was coming up and I got caught in between tide pools, I ran around until I found a stream of water small enough to jump over and get to higher ground, the worst case scenario would be getting my hiking boots wet, so it wasn’t a fear based adrenalin rush but a fun rush of energy to find the path of the tide pond maze escape route.

Lava Rock Heart

In between tide pool shelves were areas of lava rock shoreline, stepping from rock to rock is an exercise in focus which makes for a very meditative hike. The hike went from tide pools to rock clusters, one after the other. I ended the hike after procuring seven coconuts out of a small grove that seemed to be very isolated from public visitation. There was a rock wall at the shoreline that was somewhat historical in nature, someone had spent a lot of time erecting this wall, it was at the mercy of nature now. I have a nylon bag that fit all seven coconuts, I roped the bag to the outside of my backpack and made my way back up the coast to the hot ponds, the extra weight was balancing practice as I stepped from rock to rock. Sun, clouds, sky, rock lava, jungle and ocean; natures purest forms are in abundance on the big isle. Aloha.

Large Tide pool

Rock Wall

Rocky Coast

Tide Pools

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4 Responses to South Hot Ponds Hike

  1. Roche says:

    Hey Johnsons
    Im finally catching up with you! Im glad youre staff is almost gone good job tony.I,m reading all your puna postings. I love it I cant wait to see you all! sounds and looks like heaven!!I saw Stone the other day he looks great and is happy!
    Love and miss you all
    Ro Ro

    • Tony Johnson says:

      Hi Ro,
      We can’t wait to see you! You are going to love it. I see PK a little bit on FB, tell him hello. I love you.

  2. Dad and Mom says:

    Hi Tony and Hope and Boys,
    I just reread your blog and found that I did not see all of it. Sounds like you found your peaceful place. Glad that your leg is better Tony, I guess you have to be really careful around the land to not open any sores up. How is Blaze doing in school? I heard hat he is changing schools. I thought that that school sounded perfect for him. Does he like his new one? We are doing fine. Dad is having his hand done in Dec. It gives him a lot of pain, so it will heal fast and he will be painfree for the first time in a long time. Love to all.
    PS We loved the boys picture. Thanks for sending it.

    • Tony Johnson says:

      Hi Mom and Dad,
      Blaze is doing home school at this time, he is interested in math multiplication right now. Sorry to hear about Dads hand, I am sure he will be fine. We are going to miss your Christmas party this year, Love from the family.

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