Slow Day at the Beach

It is some times referred to as “Black Sand Beach”, but Kahena is the name of choice. There are not many sandy beaches on this side of the island, and the ones that are here keep getting run over with lava. Kahena’s claim to fame is the clothing optional status, which is always interesting. This black sand beach has only local private support, the naked locals will dive in and save you, and they often have to, the ocean is very powerful, swim with care. The beach is accessed on the South side by a man made cliff trail that is at times steep, and this route is hard to access at high tide. The less used North side trail is more of a ‘local’ trail, it is a path over lava rock without shade most of the way, kind of a ‘back door’.  Plenty of coconut trees, Ironwood trees and other flora are at the beach level, these create shady areas and paint a beautiful backdrop. Sometimes I only come to meditate, sometimes I can sneak in a quick ocean swim, On family beach days I get a little bit of everything, including meeting a lot of naked people.

Sunday Vibe

My Secret Spot

Sundays are the big days at Kahena, the ‘drum circle’ event is the highlight, hours of drumming and music by anyone who wants to carry an instrument down to the beach, it is a classic original event that is always enjoyable. If your coming to the Big Island carve out a Sunday afternoon for Kahena……..clothing optional.

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One Response to Kahena

  1. your fatherinlaw says:

    I’ll keep my clothes on, thank you.

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