Keiki Ponds

Boys In The Pond

Keiki in Hawaiian means child or little one, this is a very popular term in Hawaii, used to identify anything smaller than the ‘large’ version. Keiki ponds is a large tide pool area with a small sandy beach that is perfect for the kids to experience sand and salt water and even get the ocean rhythm. At high tide the waves crash over the shoreline rocks and send small waves into the pond which get’s the kids into the ocean rhythm.

All Alone

About a quarter mile due South another similar but larger pond has the nickname ‘mermaid pond’. This pond has an aggressive wave on high tide and is dicey for the littlest ones.


There is a long standing open invitation for mothers and children to meet at the Keiki ponds on Fridays, this has been one of our favorite places to meet new people, and it’s always a fun family day. This area is rich in coconut trees and when I visit the ponds I like to hike the shore line and pick up the edible coconuts. The Keiki ponds are Another special treat served up by mother nature. Aloha.

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  1. your fatherinlaw says:

    what a great way to meet new people.

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