Thanksgiving at Chittas

Ackee pod and Mulberry face

Braun and I snuck out Thanksgiving morning to visit our friend Chitta. Chitta homesteads three acres off of Papaya farms road, this is a sustainable homestead, meaning everything he needs is on his land. He has a small herd of sheep that he maintains for his main food source. Free range chickens in the purest meaning have their way about the property, roosting in trees and running about in the outdoor kitchen. Several huge ancient mango trees rising 80 feet high dot the property. Chitta planted everything else, avocado, citrus, coconut, macadamia nut, bananas, mulberry, cherry, and many more.

Chitta and Braun

Two structures with solid roofs and open screened sides support solar panels to produce electricity and hot water. Several other structures incorporate tarpology techniques that use custom tarps for the roofs with open screen sides.

Mulberries and Dragon Fruit

The first thing we did is spot a loaded mulberry tree and proceed to pick a few hundred mulberries. Next was the dragon fruit, then rolinias, on to bananas and citrus, we were lucky enough to get a ripe ackee pod. Before we realized it we had been eating for about three hours, talking about a thanksgiving feast! This is our typical visit to Chittas homestead, food a plenty. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Peace.

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving at Chittas

  1. Roche says:

    Sounds Yummy and healthy!! Braun looks just like Blaze!!! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.Lots to be thankful for . Tina did a fabulous job as usual. We missed you all
    but we were able to have Achaia with us.Gobble Gobble
    Love you all and miss you

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