My First Cat

Cat Pose

This is a story about a cat who needed some love, and apparently so did we.  We move into a new house and  a few days after this malnourished cat with an injury on it’s neck shows up, he could use a helping hand. We fed him and he kept coming back, he has a taste for raw food so he found the right house.

After a month or so, when it was apparent that we had been adopted and our cat was christened with the name ‘Tiger’, we got used to the idea that we had our first pet. Tiger might have felt too comfortable and he developed a taste for our neighbors guinea pigs. This caused a bit of friction and we volunteered to find our cat a new home (apparently we weren’t too attached), our neighbor told of a place by a school that she had dropped off guinea pig eating cats before. We dropped off Tiger at this spot next to the school, this was five plus miles from our house.

On Duty

Well you guessed it, it was six or seven days later when Tiger is sitting on our porch acting like all is good in his hood. Now it is official, this no drama cat wants to live here and we want him. We have a cat, and he’s pretty cool.

Home Sweet Home

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3 Responses to My First Cat

  1. Roche says:

    Tigers adorable! your house always has good food! he’s no dummy.Never under estimate animals they are amazeing.I’m happy for you all !
    Love and miss the Johnson Family
    Ro Ro

  2. Dad and Mom says:

    Every family needs a pet, just to keep you grounded if nothing else. I am glad that you found each other. Give him enough food and he won’t need guina pigs. He will probably be a good ratter and gopher getter. It should help keep the varments down on your property. Samson is 1 and 1/2 years old now and is finally settling down and starting to behave sometimes. He is really cute, but full of fim and finegar. He entertains Dad and I. We enjoy him. The neighbors enjoy seeing him so full of joy and jumping around. I think a cat is easier to raise, but more independent. Dad’s hand seems to be healing nicely, We see the Dr, next Tuesday.
    Love to all,

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