Hilo Zoo

Lilly Pond

The official name of the Hilo zoo is Pana’ewa Rainforest Zoo and Gardens.  No admission fee and open every day.  The first time I went, the boys and I were the only customers and we got to pet a Lemur that was being taken for a walk. The main attraction is the White Bengal Tiger that roams a beautiful one acre enclosure. The boys have been several times and their favorite part seems to be getting an ice cream bar from the gift shop. Saturday afternoon a petting zoo is set up for the kids – we haven’t made it to that one yet. The Two-toed Sloth hanging upside down from the top of the cage with a baby on her belly is pretty interesting. Macaw varieties of all colors are exhibited. The feral pig is an interesting sight, although we get to see these running around our neighborhood at times.

Ice Cream Boys

The other part of the Zoo is the gardens, the landscaping is exquisite. Many plants and trees have plaques with the name of the plant species. There is a nice pond at the entrance with many water lilies. Various bamboo specimens are spread throughout the zoo. The verdict is in and the Hilo Zoo is approved for a Puna style adventure.

White Tiger

The Path

Monkeys and Monkeys

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  1. Dad and Mom says:

    Hi Tony and Family,
    We got your box with all the presents in it. You really got your money’s worth on that mailing! I stored them under the Christmas tree until Christmas Eve when everyone will be here except your family. We will miss you all! Happy Birthday to Blaze tomorrow. The boys are getting so big. Thank you for sending pictures. Did you get our boxes? We sent them a couple of weeks ago. I just sent a letter from Aunt Lynda about the accident that her granddaughters were in. They were very lucky. God was watching over them on this one. Love to you all. Mom/Grandma PS Achaia is coming over for Christmas Eve.

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