Berry Walk

Purveying the Crop

Braun and I  started a little daily tradition, the Berry walk. The berries that grow wild on the property are called Thimbleberries, a small shrub with a vine like stem that has small thorns.  The berry is bright red when ripe and is about the size and texture of a raspberry. These hearty shrubs grow everywhere and seem to be large producers.Usually in the afternoon we do a simple hike on some trails we made on the one acre we stay on.


Close to the house are two banana trees that are surrounded with berry bushes, we made a path all the way around the banana trees for easy berry access.  A trail from the back grass area leads to two large berry areas, they seem to take turns being productive. Braun is the star berry eater, sometimes eating up to 30 in a berry walk. We love eating off of the land, eating wild food is the first step toward sustainability. Peace.

Big Berry Crop

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2 Responses to Berry Walk

  1. Roche says:

    Braun looks just like Blaze!! And can put away food just like Blaze!!
    Have a berry sunday!

  2. Dad and Mom says:

    They look delicious. I can see why Braun loves them. He is soo cute. Miss you guys.
    Love, Mom

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