Pohoiki Hot Pond,

Pohoiki Bay

Pohoiki is best known as a boat ramp, swim area and surf spot; but the unheralded star attraction is the little hot spring about one hundred feet from the bay shore. A small pebble trail next to the boat ramp meanders through the jungled shoreline a short distance to find a beautiful natural hot spring.

Boys Ruling Da Pond

The pond water level goes up and down with the tide, the brackish water stays under five feet deep. This little gem is our favorite for soaking and relaxing. Blaze and his friends churn this twenty foot by ten foot hole of water into a little frenzy when they start jumping off a small cliff and playing rough, as boys do. We hold Braun and he practices kicking, his start to swimming.

The Pohoiki Plunge

I like to jump off the rocks near the boat ramp and swim into the bay, through the waves and onto the rocky shore.  This is a fairly challenging swim for me and has really improved my swimming. The water exit onto shore is just as challenging, walking on lava reef while the waves push and pull, the feet get cut up sometimes, but as one surfer told me, if you make it out with cuts under one long inch your doing fine. Out of the water then into the pond, then the barefoot walk back to the lot over a rocky trail, this is Big Island training at it’s best!

Da Path

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