Lava Flow Hike #3

Happy Hikers

The lava is flowing into the ocean again after taking a couple of weeks off to meander towards the houses in Kalapana. Two houses have been taken by Pele within the past year.  Several tourist helicopters were in the air flying up and down the lava flow area. Smoke rising from lava could be seen  in several spots from the coast to a mile or two up slope toward the mountain.

The Way Back

The hike started out the same from the end of the road, I was carrying Braun on my back in our child carrier back pack and Hope was making her first trip with us. There was a new sign on the beach at the start of the hike, “No hiking to view lava flow”, the locals view these signs as guidelines, and  there is no keeping people from their mother, mother nature that is. Where the 90’s lava flow meets the older coast line that has vegetation on it, the sign police spray painted “keep out” in several spots on the small lava cliff. Vandalizing the landscape to try and keep people away from using it is pretty ironic.

Warm Lava

The hike was pretty routine until we arrived at the flow area, several hot spots and smokey areas spotted the new landscape. We could see where the lava was flowing into the ocean about a half mile ahead, but we were a bit spooked by the breadth of the flow area we were walking over. We turned back, hit the coconut grove at what is left of Foxes Landing, opened a sprouted nut for a snack, put three nuts in our backpacks and we made our way back.

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8 Responses to Lava Flow Hike #3

  1. Carla says:

    Did your shoes get messed up from the heat? Wish I was there…xoxox

    • Tony Johnson says:

      Hi Carla, We didn’t get that close to the flow, we were walking over flow from the previous day, but it was warm and spooky! We’ll have to get you out there next time. Peace.

  2. Dad and Mom says:

    Tony & Hope, above is a great pic of the two of you. Kaye & I were there watching the lava flow right after you were married and it is still flowing. WOW! We were told at that time that the new lava has air pockets in it and where it has a thin crust you can fall through and injure yourself or cause death. I am happy you did not go any farther. We love these blogs so keep them comming. Say Hi to our grand kids. We love you. Dad

  3. Roche says:

    Thats incredible!! Everyday seems to be a adventure
    What a wonderful place to live! Can’t wait to see it myself!! Soon I Hope.
    Love and miss you

  4. Richard Goodwin says:

    Aloha! Sorry we missed you at the Johnson party here, but it looks like you’re gettin’ along well enough!

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