Uncle Roberts sign

Kalapana Village Cafe

Kaimu is a black sand beach that is a mere whisper of it’s former self. The original Kaimu Beach was abundant with coconut palm trees, it was covered with lava in 1990. The coastal road was also covered with lava, now the area is well known as ‘end of the road’. The end of the road is the best starting point for the lava flow hike. The end of the road has a cafe and a separate bar that hosts parties, these properties were spared by lava in 1990. The Bar is known as ‘Uncle Roberts’, they also have a fruit stand and sell local honey. Uncle Robert is very active in the Hawaiian independence movement, there is a nice display of pictures and literature regarding Kaimu Beach and Hawaiian independence next to the bar. The black sand beach that is now Kaimu or end of the road is seldom inhabited except for tourists and hikers. The lava created a steep shelf that drops off rapidly past the shore line, and this makes for a dangerous shore break wave. This beach claimed the life of a body surfer this past summer. The lack of people make this a great spot to hang out and get some sun. Aloha.

South Toward Lava Flow

North Kaimu

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3 Responses to Kaimu

  1. Dad and Mom says:

    I am sitting here with Samson in my lap reading your blog. It has gotten really cold this week and we decided not to go to the desert on Sunday for two weeks. It is suppose to rain and get colder on the weekend>We have had over 14 inches of rain already this year. Is your main rainy season over? Dad and I are fine and keeping busy. We are finally getting over our flu-cold, whatever it was that we got a couple of weeks ago. I am going out for a walk with Samson and try to wear him out for the day. Love all of you, Mom

  2. Roche says:

    those beaches are just georgeous! Do you keep pinching yourselves?

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