Papaya Farms Road

"Private Road"

Papaya Farms Road is one of our most frequent destinations. The land around this road was inundated with cinder during an eruption from a local cinder cone in the late 1800’s. Cinder is small grains of lava that make a sandy type of soil and is very nutrient rich, especially the black cinder which is what covers this area.

Start of the Road

The lots are three to forty acres and this area is known as an organic farming/non GMO area. The produce from this area is at all the local farmers markets. Our friend Chitta who homesteads a three acre parcel is one of our best contacts for organic produce. Many raw foodists live in this area and I have recently had the opportunity to taste sheep, goat and wild pig meat from this area.

Cabin Life

This whole area was planted with Mango trees in the late 1800’s and the huge trees give the street a visual prominence, jutting some sixty feet high with crowns sixty feet wide. Coconut trees dot the side of the dirt road, lot’s of banana trees as well.

Jungle Drive

The properties are all ‘off grid’, meaning that everything is solar powered, solar hot water and catchment water. This is a completely sustainable living area.

Organic Booty

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3 Responses to Papaya Farms Road

  1. Roche says:

    sounds yummy and healthy.Looks like fake fruit.Everytyhing is so bueatiful I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes!

  2. your fatherinlaw says:

    this would be hard living for an old geezer like me.

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