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LoveArt on the Mango Road

On the way down to Pohoiki, there is a beautiful and enchanted mango grove through which a narrow and winding road has been paved. This is a single lane road with ample turnouts making it easy for travelers moving in … Continue reading

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Mermaid Party at the Pond

Yesterday we attended a birthday party for Dawa – a beautiful mermaid celebrating her fourth year of experience in her present human form. Her daddy, Tony Baugh (lead singer of Love Machine), was so sweet to carry her back and … Continue reading

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Pohoiki at Sunrise

It’s a somewhat rare morning where the sunrise can be seen clearly from Pohoiki because we are usually blessed with rain around sunrise. However, this morning the sunrise was clearly visible, the sky was painted with many colors, and the … Continue reading

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The Pond Less Traveled

The warm ponds is one of my favorite places to hang out. In addition to offering the perfect scene for relaxing, healing and socializing in the Pele-heated pool, there are some breathtaking views and experience with nature that is not … Continue reading

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GaiaYoga Potluck!

GaiaYoga is a cooperative community focused on sustainability, integration of spirit, and healthy interpersonal relations. Every Sunday night, GaiaYoga hosts a potluck where members of the greater community and visitors alike are welcome to bring a dish and hang out. … Continue reading

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The Natch

Island Naturals grocery store in Pahoa is endearingly called ‘The Natch’ by many locals. In addition to being the only store with a respectable selection of organic and natural food in Pahoa, The Natch sells hot food, ready to eat … Continue reading

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Light Journey with Soul Dancer & Joshua

My personal dance with these two amazing men began when I first purchased a few coconuts off of Joshua at SPACE farmer’s market (my favorite farmer’s market on the planet). From our brief interaction, I could feel that Joshua was devoted to … Continue reading

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