Light Journey with Soul Dancer & Joshua

My personal dance with these two amazing men began when I first purchased a few coconuts off of Joshua at SPACE farmer’s market (my favorite farmer’s market on the planet). From our brief interaction, I could feel that Joshua was devoted to the truth, which made it easy for me to see him as a healer. (It’s my intent to see everyOne as a healer, because that’s everyOne’s underlying intent for materializing in this illusion)

Several months later, Joshua came up to me while I was shopping/socializing at SPACE, and asked me if I would like to try a sample of the Light Journey he was offering with Soul Dancer, which I happily accepted.

While I had seen Soul Dancer at SPACE on several occasions, this was the first time I actually met him. Soul’s eyes are deep and blue; and when he looked into my eyes, it felt as if his gaze penetrates my soul. It makes me wonder how I missed meeting him on previous visits. Oh well, I know it all happens at the ‘right’ time.

In the 20 minute version of the full Light Journey, these two light bodies massaged my meridians to allow more information to flow through these lines of energy. I noticed that my body was holding energy that was being released with the assistance and intent of Joshua and Soul.

The massage felt great, and upon rising, I felt rivers of energy flowing through my body. I was so impressed with the sample and thrilled with idea of having two men massage me, that I immediately booked a full massage.

While I don’t remember much about the first Light Journey, I do remember it being very relaxing and Joshua channeling the chorus of ancestors on my mother’s side. Joshua started speaking like an Italian from New York (which is a very accurate depiction of my ancestors).

Through his channeling, I was able to communicate with a part of me that I had been denying. While this opened me up to receive the wisdom and insight of my ancestors, it also led to some mental confusion.

While that confusion was necessary for me to move beyond mental constructs that were no longer necessary, it did not come without some perception of struggle. However, I recognize all healing work is very ‘safe’ in that, noOne is ever given more than they can handle.

By going through all perception of struggle with deep breath, I was able to use that perception to shift my awareness into a lighter mental state. (For more insight on how to allow these shifts, please visit the Spiritual Practice category of this website)

Once I felt that I had my spiritual footing back again, I knew it was time for another Light Journey. This time when I showed up, Soul Dancer immediately began penetrating to the heart of certain matters that were creating the perception of concern for me.

The massage was beautiful and relaxing just like last time, but this time, I could feel stagnant energy being released from the backs of my legs. I didn’t even notice that the tension had been there until it was released – which means I was not consciously aware of the energetic blockages.

In yoga, tension in the backs of the legs is related to the need to stay in what’s known, and while I knew consciously that the unknown is where true happiness resides, my body was still holding on.

Also released was some stagnant energy in one of my hips, which I feel has dissolved the mental need within my energy of awareness to stay in what’s already known. At this point, fear that I didn’t know was there has been resolved and I am enjoying a newfound zest for what’s unknown.

Finally, while Soul Dancer appears to be the older, wiser catalyst for release in this dynamic healing duo, Joshua has a very nourishing energy that feels maternal. With all these stagnant energies being released, Joshua’s loving touch is invaluable for feeling supported while integrating new states of consciousness.

If you stay in the Puna area or plan to visit, you may wish to consider this Light Journey Massage, which is offered in the beautiful ocean view home of Soul and Joshua between Seaview and Kahena. To speak with Soul or Joshua, or if you would like to book a session with them, call 888-332-2976, or visit Soul Dancer’s website at

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