GaiaYoga Potluck!

GaiaYoga is a cooperative community focused on sustainability, integration of spirit, and healthy interpersonal relations. Every Sunday night, GaiaYoga hosts a potluck where members of the greater community and visitors alike are welcome to bring a dish and hang out.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the largest GaiaYoga potluck ever!! The founder of GaiaYoga, Ano Tarletz – who usually only eats a single food item at mealtime – celebrated this momentous occasion by adding raw fennel to his evening fare!

As usual, there were many creative and skillfully prepared dishes – while Ano offered his usual slabs of raw meat to the mix. I brought my version of raw chocolate pudding (avocado, butter, honey, cacao) which kicked the ass of the vegan version that was also there (sorry Aieesha & Jamila!!LOL!!).

Lee brought a raw fish ceviche which was simply amazing. Lee knows how to use the flavors of fresh raw food to create culinary masterpieces. Daniel not only brought his family from the mainland, but he also created one of his tasty and nourishing raw ground meat dishes mixed with fresh, local flavors.

Chitta, the self sustainable master, showed up with his beautiful new girlfriend, Carol. Chitta brought his famous guacamole which I didn’t get the opportunity to taste, but I heard it was delightful.

Needless to say, I was in raw food heaven. For the non-raw foodist, there were beautiful dishes made of beans, potatoes and squash.

EveryBody was eating and having a great time. There were several musicians who were playing various instruments, and providing great entertainment while kids of all ages each other’s company.

It was also Amor Rays’ birthday celebration. She was looking smashing in one of her handmade dress designs – which she offers for sale at local farmers markets on online here.

Amor brought Erik Avery, a talented and passionate local guitarist (and guitar repair specialist) who is apparently in high demand on the island because he’s played in almost every band I’ve seen perform. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Middlekauf of Evening Rain Farm – a local organic farm in a prime Puna location – which happens to be for sale at a giveaway price.

There were many more awesome Puna characters present, all adding their unique flavor to the vibalicious evening. My 3-year old, Braun was done at about 9pm so I and my family had to cut out early, but the party looked like it could go on for hours.

Stay tuned for more GaiaYoga updates including natural potty training (I don’t know if that’s really what it’s called), new septic technologies, etc, etc.. This is a community chock-full of cutting edge information and insight.

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2 Responses to GaiaYoga Potluck!

  1. Thanks Hope:-))))))

    The most common phrase is Elimination Communication. Also, Erik is primarily a bass player, not a guitar player.

    I’m quite tickled reading this!



    • Hope Johnson says:

      Elimination Communication sounds soooo much cooler than potty training! More to come on this later!!

      I was actually afraid that Erik might have been a bass player as I was writing this, but then I said nahhh…he’s always playing a guitar…ok, I know nothing about music, but I do know he rocks ’cause the music sounds good when he’s up there playing….Plus he looks super duper cool doing it!!

      Your welcome! I was tickled writing it!!

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