Pohoiki at Sunrise

It’s a somewhat rare morning where the sunrise can be seen clearly from Pohoiki because we are usually blessed with rain around sunrise. However, this morning the sunrise was clearly visible, the sky was painted with many colors, and the ocean was especially calm.


At sunrise, several fishing boats make use of the Pohoiki boat ramp upon their return from overnight and predawn ocean excursions. We haven’t investigated whether these fishermen sell their ocean treasures to restaurants or grocery stores yet, but we have seen trucks parked roadside and at farmers markets offering fresh Ahi and Ono.


The photos below were taken at about 6:10 this morning, when Tony and Braun watched about ten fishing boats come up the boat ramp.

Pohoiki is also a popular surf spot, where many surfers enter via the boat dock. This doesn’t seem to create any problem though as surfers and fishermen alike patiently allow one another to make use of the ramp as necessary to serve their purpose.

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  1. Roche says:

    I hope Mike reads this!

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