Total Energy-Body Clearing with Joel

Joel Hirsch

Joel Hirsch

I was intrigued by Joel’s message on Facebook, where he offered his style of healing which includes thai massage, Trager techniques, belly and facial deep release with shamanic sound healing.

That’s a lot to fit in to a little over 1 hour, but Joel does it gracefully and effectively.

Joel’s performs his service at his living space across from Kahena (a clothing optional black sand beach). The space is open and airy with naturally beautiful furnishings and structural accents.

Flying Yoga:

Flying Yoga

For this service I remained fully dressed in yoga attire. The session began with Flying Yoga, which was a bit unusual for me, but it was fun and relaxing at the same time. I felt some great stretching and release of the psoas muscle in the flying position, and that was much appreciated.

Getting Buffed:

From there, Joel had me relax on my stomach while he ‘buffed’ me. He used what looked like a car buffer over my entire back and shoulders. This felt a little intense at first, but relaxation and increased circulation quickly became the predominant experience.

Thai/Trager Massage:

Then we moved on to massage as Joel used his hands and feet to release tension in my whole body – including the soles of the feet, face and abdomen. I really enjoyed the facial release – it feels so wonderful to have the jaw released.

Shamanic Sound:

During those moments when Joel was applying increased pressure, he made a sound with his mouth that seemed to relax the muscles and promote deeper release. The sounds he made were similar to a didgeridoo, at least to my ear.


Now it’s been 3 days since my session with Joel, and I feel a greater sense of physical and mental lightness. I especially notice my jaw and hips continue to spontaneously release tension, and it seems easier to release mental chatter.

This is a transformative ‘service’ that delivers lasting results. I highly recommend it!!

Joel also offers a fun, unity focused yoga retreat. To book your appointment or to learn more about Joel’s offerings, please visit Joel’s website at

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  1. your fatherinlaw says:

    I read it, but I won’t look for a guy over here that performs it.

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