Mahukona Beach Park


Mahukona Beach Park is located on the North side of the Big Island between Hawi and Kawaihae – about a 2 hour drive from Puna. There’s no sand at this beach park, but it’s great for tent camping, snorkeling, scuba diving, sun bathing, hiking, fishing and whale watching.

It’s December now, and the wind can get pretty gusty, but otherwise the weather is warm and dry which is a welcome contrast to the especially rainy weather we’ve been experiencing in Puna. There’s no sandy beach, but there’s otherwise easy access to a beautiful, clear blue bay with stunning wildlife and even the remains of a sunken ship.

This place is pretty quiet. The campers are mostly snorkelers and scuba divers, and even though the campground is also home to many domestic cats, who’s presence is readily known, they do not seem to come near any campers.

The sunsets are gorgeous as you can see from the photo, the stars shine brightly at night, and the ocean view goes on forever! I especially enjoyed several hours basking in the warm winter sun while watching the movement of the ocean, sky and the occasional whale breathing and breaching.



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2 Responses to Mahukona Beach Park

  1. Kieba says:

    Beautiful Hope
    Thanks for the information! I was wondering where exactly you all went camping.
    It looks Awesome! Continue to have fun and enjoy!
    Reporting from Puna
    kieba haha

  2. your fatherinlaw says:

    Hope: A beautiful blog about another area you have explored. Please keep doing your blogs, I enjoy reading them. Gary

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