Loving the Liliko’i

Liliko’i Flower

Today I’m gonna talk to you about the liliko’i aka passion fruit. Passion fruit is the American name, and liliko’i is the Hawaiian name for it.

The plant is a huge vine that will climb up anything. The color of the vine is purple brown and green, and the leaves are dark green.

Liliko’i Vine on ohia tree

The fruit starts out as a beautiful white and purple flower. Carpenter bee’s love to pollinate them.

Here on the big island the fruit can turn out yellow, purple, orange – which is the Jamaican variety. You can only open the liliko’i by biting it or cutting it with a knife.

Shiny Yellow Liliko’i

Open Liliko’i

The liliko’i fruit has a firm but pliable covering. The inside of it is a bunch of edible seeds covered with fruit. The seeds are black and the fruit is orange. The taste is sweet and sour and the Jamaican variety is sweeter.

The liliko’i fruit drops when ripe. This doesn’t damage the fruit because of its firm skin. In fact, when bugs break the outer membrane of the fruit, skin continues to grow inward so that the bug dies before it ever arrives at the fruit.

We love liliko’i fruit, and if you come for a visit we’d love to share with you. Aloha!!


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