Pohoiki at Sunrise

It’s a somewhat rare morning where the sunrise can be seen clearly from Pohoiki because we are usually blessed with rain around sunrise. However, this morning the sunrise was clearly visible, the sky was painted with many colors, and the ocean was especially calm.


At sunrise, several fishing boats make use of the Pohoiki boat ramp upon their return from overnight and predawn ocean excursions. We haven’t investigated whether these fishermen sell their ocean treasures to restaurants or grocery stores yet, but we have seen trucks parked roadside and at farmers markets offering fresh Ahi and Ono.


The photos below were taken at about 6:10 this morning, when Tony and Braun watched about ten fishing boats come up the boat ramp.

Pohoiki is also a popular surf spot, where many surfers enter via the boat dock. This doesn’t seem to create any problem though as surfers and fishermen alike patiently allow one another to make use of the ramp as necessary to serve their purpose.

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The Pond Less Traveled

The warm ponds is one of my favorite places to hang out. In addition to offering the perfect scene for relaxing, healing and socializing in the Pele-heated pool, there are some breathtaking views and experience with nature that is not to be missed!

The photos that follow are of the trail that leads to the right of the park.



Here’s what we can see as the plant kingdom makes way for the emergence of black lava cliffs toward the endless sky and ocean.



After walking a bit further over slightly slippery and uneven lava, we came upon a cute little pond where the boys stripped down and played. Nothing like having your own private Hawaii!



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GaiaYoga Potluck!

GaiaYoga is a cooperative community focused on sustainability, integration of spirit, and healthy interpersonal relations. Every Sunday night, GaiaYoga hosts a potluck where members of the greater community and visitors alike are welcome to bring a dish and hang out.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the largest GaiaYoga potluck ever!! The founder of GaiaYoga, Ano Tarletz – who usually only eats a single food item at mealtime – celebrated this momentous occasion by adding raw fennel to his evening fare!

As usual, there were many creative and skillfully prepared dishes – while Ano offered his usual slabs of raw meat to the mix. I brought my version of raw chocolate pudding (avocado, butter, honey, cacao) which kicked the ass of the vegan version that was also there (sorry Aieesha & Jamila!!LOL!!).

Lee brought a raw fish ceviche which was simply amazing. Lee knows how to use the flavors of fresh raw food to create culinary masterpieces. Daniel not only brought his family from the mainland, but he also created one of his tasty and nourishing raw ground meat dishes mixed with fresh, local flavors.

Chitta, the self sustainable master, showed up with his beautiful new girlfriend, Carol. Chitta brought his famous guacamole which I didn’t get the opportunity to taste, but I heard it was delightful.

Needless to say, I was in raw food heaven. For the non-raw foodist, there were beautiful dishes made of beans, potatoes and squash.

EveryBody was eating and having a great time. There were several musicians who were playing various instruments, and providing great entertainment while kids of all ages each other’s company.

It was also Amor Rays’ birthday celebration. She was looking smashing in one of her handmade dress designs – which she offers for sale at local farmers markets on online here.

Amor brought Erik Avery, a talented and passionate local guitarist (and guitar repair specialist) who is apparently in high demand on the island because he’s played in almost every band I’ve seen perform. I also had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Middlekauf of Evening Rain Farm – a local organic farm in a prime Puna location – which happens to be for sale at a giveaway price.

There were many more awesome Puna characters present, all adding their unique flavor to the vibalicious evening. My 3-year old, Braun was done at about 9pm so I and my family had to cut out early, but the party looked like it could go on for hours.

Stay tuned for more GaiaYoga updates including natural potty training (I don’t know if that’s really what it’s called), new septic technologies, etc, etc.. This is a community chock-full of cutting edge information and insight.

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The Natch

Island Naturals grocery store in Pahoa is endearingly called ‘The Natch’ by many locals. In addition to being the only store with a respectable selection of organic and natural food in Pahoa, The Natch sells hot food, ready to eat raw food and smoothies which can be eaten on your choice of six picnic benches.

One can choose to dine and socialize where all the action is – on one of the three benches right in front of the store, or over by The Natch’s own organic garden – for a location that’s a bit less traveled. If you choose to spend some time hanging out in front of The Natch, you are likely to hear and/or engage in conversation about growing food, sustainable living and/or allowing more love.

The Natch’s clientele is also their suppliers in some cases. As farming and sustainability is the main focus for a substantial segment of the community, some of The Natch’s produce is purchased from local farmers right here in Puna. While you can usually score those same goods at better prices from Farmers Market, Natch produce is convenient in a pinch.

While the Pahoa Natch is convenient and perhaps a bit trendy in a very alternative way, there are much better prices (sometimes with a $2-3 difference per item) to be had by traveling to the Hilo Island Naturals. I don’t trip on the price difference though because the Hilo Natch is about a 40 minute drive and it’s missing the Puna vibe.

Besides, the more food grown at home and traded with neighbors, the less need for grocery stores at all. Then trips to The Natch will be for entertainment and fun food.

The Natch is located in the heart of downtown Pahoa, directly across the street from Cash and Carry  – another small grocery store that is the antithesis of The Natch as far as Health Food goes. When my son Blaze really gets a junk food itch that The Natch’s healthy fare cannot cure, I send him with a couple bucks over to Cash and Carry while I drink a kombucha or eat a popsicle and socialize.

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Light Journey with Soul Dancer & Joshua

My personal dance with these two amazing men began when I first purchased a few coconuts off of Joshua at SPACE farmer’s market (my favorite farmer’s market on the planet). From our brief interaction, I could feel that Joshua was devoted to the truth, which made it easy for me to see him as a healer. (It’s my intent to see everyOne as a healer, because that’s everyOne’s underlying intent for materializing in this illusion)

Several months later, Joshua came up to me while I was shopping/socializing at SPACE, and asked me if I would like to try a sample of the Light Journey he was offering with Soul Dancer, which I happily accepted.

While I had seen Soul Dancer at SPACE on several occasions, this was the first time I actually met him. Soul’s eyes are deep and blue; and when he looked into my eyes, it felt as if his gaze penetrates my soul. It makes me wonder how I missed meeting him on previous visits. Oh well, I know it all happens at the ‘right’ time.

In the 20 minute version of the full Light Journey, these two light bodies massaged my meridians to allow more information to flow through these lines of energy. I noticed that my body was holding energy that was being released with the assistance and intent of Joshua and Soul.

The massage felt great, and upon rising, I felt rivers of energy flowing through my body. I was so impressed with the sample and thrilled with idea of having two men massage me, that I immediately booked a full massage.

While I don’t remember much about the first Light Journey, I do remember it being very relaxing and Joshua channeling the chorus of ancestors on my mother’s side. Joshua started speaking like an Italian from New York (which is a very accurate depiction of my ancestors).

Through his channeling, I was able to communicate with a part of me that I had been denying. While this opened me up to receive the wisdom and insight of my ancestors, it also led to some mental confusion.

While that confusion was necessary for me to move beyond mental constructs that were no longer necessary, it did not come without some perception of struggle. However, I recognize all healing work is very ‘safe’ in that, noOne is ever given more than they can handle.

By going through all perception of struggle with deep breath, I was able to use that perception to shift my awareness into a lighter mental state. (For more insight on how to allow these shifts, please visit the Spiritual Practice category of this website)

Once I felt that I had my spiritual footing back again, I knew it was time for another Light Journey. This time when I showed up, Soul Dancer immediately began penetrating to the heart of certain matters that were creating the perception of concern for me.

The massage was beautiful and relaxing just like last time, but this time, I could feel stagnant energy being released from the backs of my legs. I didn’t even notice that the tension had been there until it was released – which means I was not consciously aware of the energetic blockages.

In yoga, tension in the backs of the legs is related to the need to stay in what’s known, and while I knew consciously that the unknown is where true happiness resides, my body was still holding on.

Also released was some stagnant energy in one of my hips, which I feel has dissolved the mental need within my energy of awareness to stay in what’s already known. At this point, fear that I didn’t know was there has been resolved and I am enjoying a newfound zest for what’s unknown.

Finally, while Soul Dancer appears to be the older, wiser catalyst for release in this dynamic healing duo, Joshua has a very nourishing energy that feels maternal. With all these stagnant energies being released, Joshua’s loving touch is invaluable for feeling supported while integrating new states of consciousness.

If you stay in the Puna area or plan to visit, you may wish to consider this Light Journey Massage, which is offered in the beautiful ocean view home of Soul and Joshua between Seaview and Kahena. To speak with Soul or Joshua, or if you would like to book a session with them, call 888-332-2976, or visit Soul Dancer’s website at www.souldancer.org.

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Papaya Farms Road

"Private Road"

Papaya Farms Road is one of our most frequent destinations. The land around this road was inundated with cinder during an eruption from a local cinder cone in the late 1800’s. Cinder is small grains of lava that make a sandy type of soil and is very nutrient rich, especially the black cinder which is what covers this area.

Start of the Road

The lots are three to forty acres and this area is known as an organic farming/non GMO area. The produce from this area is at all the local farmers markets. Our friend Chitta who homesteads a three acre parcel is one of our best contacts for organic produce. Many raw foodists live in this area and I have recently had the opportunity to taste sheep, goat and wild pig meat from this area.

Cabin Life

This whole area was planted with Mango trees in the late 1800’s and the huge trees give the street a visual prominence, jutting some sixty feet high with crowns sixty feet wide. Coconut trees dot the side of the dirt road, lot’s of banana trees as well.

Jungle Drive

The properties are all ‘off grid’, meaning that everything is solar powered, solar hot water and catchment water. This is a completely sustainable living area.

Organic Booty

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Uncle Roberts sign

Kalapana Village Cafe

Kaimu is a black sand beach that is a mere whisper of it’s former self. The original Kaimu Beach was abundant with coconut palm trees, it was covered with lava in 1990. The coastal road was also covered with lava, now the area is well known as ‘end of the road’. The end of the road is the best starting point for the lava flow hike. The end of the road has a cafe and a separate bar that hosts parties, these properties were spared by lava in 1990. The Bar is known as ‘Uncle Roberts’, they also have a fruit stand and sell local honey. Uncle Robert is very active in the Hawaiian independence movement, there is a nice display of pictures and literature regarding Kaimu Beach and Hawaiian independence next to the bar. The black sand beach that is now Kaimu or end of the road is seldom inhabited except for tourists and hikers. The lava created a steep shelf that drops off rapidly past the shore line, and this makes for a dangerous shore break wave. This beach claimed the life of a body surfer this past summer. The lack of people make this a great spot to hang out and get some sun. Aloha.

South Toward Lava Flow

North Kaimu

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